Healthy Starter (Cleanse and Heal) Programme

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Naturopaths recommend that we detox and cleanse our systems 2 to 3 times a year; preferably with the change of seasons…..and most believe that we can do this by eliminating common allergy inducing, so called “toxic” foods and drinks from our diets for a few days.

Our Healthy Starter Pack contains carefully formulated vitamin and mineral supplements. It is easy to follow and can relieve a host of health problems and ill effects such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches
  • Poor skin
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hormone problems
  • Loss of energy

Anytime is the perfect time to get rid of the accumulated chemicals and pollutants we all are familiar with, such as alcohol and sugar,  but spring and autumn are also great times to undertake a cleanse. We also recommend it if you are starting a weight loss programme, planning to start a family or want to refresh your system and just want to improve vitality.

Our Healthy Starter Programme is designed to be a thorough but gentle detox and contains all natural herbal products that help cleanse 5 different body systems:

  • Intestines
  • Digestive system
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Circulatory system

If you are very over weight, have strong indications that you have a very toxic system, or hold fat around your tummy…..  Then you can safely undertake as many as 3 cleanses back to back… (30 days)

We also recommend 5 simple dietary rules for the duration:

  • No alcohol (obviously)
  • No caffeine. (Green tea and fruit teas are fine) if you need a caffeine replacement, try our super tasting, convenient Solstic energy sachets…. Just add to water and shake!
  • No red meat (acid forming and hard to digest)
  • Drink lots of water – at least 2 litres per days
  • Eat as clean as possible. No processed foods or sugar!

For even better results add our pH balancing green drink – Liquid Chlorophyll to at least half of your daily water intake of 2 litres.

Our Healthy Starter Programme contains 10 days’ supply of handy sachets to take 3 times a day 15 mins before a meal if you can.

PLUS a bottle of liquid chlorophyll (2/3 months’ supply) mix a small amount in filtered water to taste.

PLUS a bottle of probiotic 11. Essential to take for a month following the programme.

PLEASE Keep these products 2 refrigerated.

And, we suggest you look at these options.

  • Take regular exercise… A brisk daily walk is a great place to start!
  • Eat a least 3 meals a day (watch your portion size)
  • Always eat a protein rich breakfast. Eggs are great….. Or try our synerprotein shake mix in a fruit or vegetable smoothie – this helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and stop cravings all day.
  • Include protein at every meal…. A small handful of nuts are good for snacks.
  • Don’t starve yourself! You will cut off your fat burning hormones!
  • Eat foods with only one ingredient… So no processed foods
  • Eat more wholemeal foods. (e.g. Brown rice, oatcakes)
  • Replace simple (white) carbohydrates with beans, quinoa, couscous, polenta and pulses.

And if you think wheat and dairy are problematic for you….

  • Try soya, almond, and rice milk instead of dairy….. and goats & sheep’s cheese (e.g. feta, mozzarella)
  • Try replacing wheat with gluten free options

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO REPLACE YOUR GOOD GUT FLORA WITH OUR HIGH QUALITY PROBIOTIC 11… Which you must start taking daily after 7 days on the cleanse and for a month post cleanse.

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