Hair Removal

At Pure Health & Beauty we use Perron Rigot Cirèpil Boudoir Wax which is gentle and effective with a hypoallergenic formula. It is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin meaning it can be used for all types of waxing. It is dermatologically tested and rosin free so this wax is an ideal choice to provide clients who have sensitive skin to ensure maximum comfort. 

We also offer a hot wax service using Sienna X Wax which is a rosin-free, high performance formula designed for clients with sensitive skin, the Peppermint Crème Hot Wax is perfect for course hair such as underam and bikini line waxing. 


Pure-022Half leg £15
Full Leg £22
Bikini Line £10
Brazillian with hot wax £22

Hollywood with hot wax £25 
Under Arms £10
Upper Lip or Chin £8
Upper Lip & Chin £14
Eyebrows £10
Back From £20